Retax and relax – it’s that simple

  • Better results
  • Fewer headaches
  • Minimal time investment
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  • Relieved of unpleasant & heavy burden through retax service

  • Over 14 years of experience in objections

  • Reducing the shortage of skilled workers

  • Remuneration only in the event of success

Gain valuable time for your employees and deploy your specialist staff where they are needed. Experts Institut takes care of the appeals process, remuneration is only paid in the event of success.
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Without risk

The agreed success commission is only due in the event of success. There are no further costs.

100% carefree

You can rely on our experience and no longer do without your specialist staff.

More time

We take care of all communication between you & the health insurance companies.

Big savings

With our retax service, you will receive significantly higher amounts back. You will be amazed.

Benefit from our know-how!

We have set the total of all deductions submitted to us to date in relation to the success of our objections.

The result impressed us: almost 40%!

In absolute terms, this sounds even better: with an annual deduction of €100,000, you would currently have saved up for a Mercedes C-Class.

Without risk. Because you only pay if you are successful.

Successful pharmacists are always good business people and always ask ourselves the question of the price of relaxation in terms of retaxation. Our answer regularly astounds: No set-up or basic fees, you only pay if you are successful. This cost-neutral and risk-free procedure is your fairness advantage and shows how confident we are in our expertise.

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You benefit from our current success rate of approx. 40% and receive high repayments!

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