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  • Sustainable structures

    Master all challenges at any time using the structures we have introduced.

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    Your advantage: save costs, increase efficiency, boost competitiveness, and much more.

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    Take advantage of the digital transformation, strategy adjustments due to external influences.

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    Successfully solve all specific problems such as sustainability and information security.

Successfully establishing long-term and sustainable changes

We establish sustainable management system structures in your company that you can continue to use for your success even after the end of the contract.

Efficient and structured management systems are essential in the modern business world. They serve not only to organize and control, but also to optimize and further develop company processes.

At Experts Institut, we offer customized management system solutions that are tailored to the individual needs of your company.

Why choose Experts Institute for Management Systems?

  • Integrated approaches: We offer systems that seamlessly integrate different management areas to create synergies and increase overall success.
  • Practice-oriented solutions: Based on our many years of experience in various industries, we offer practical and proven management system solutions.
  • Constant further development: In a constantly changing business world, we ensure that your management systems are always up to date and meet current requirements.

Our core services in the area of management systems

  1. System analysis and evaluation: We take a close look at your current management processes, identify strengths and weaknesses and offer recommendations for effective improvements.
  2. Implementation of quality management systems: Quality is the figurehead of every company. We help with the implementation of QM systems that comply with international standards and promote continuous improvement.
  3. Environmental and energy management systems: Sustainability and energy efficiency are more important today than ever before. Our systems help you to make optimum use of resources and minimize environmental impact.
  4. Risk management: Every company is exposed to risks. Our management systems enable you to identify, assess and control these risks systematically and efficiently.
  5. Document management and archiving: Efficient document management ensures fast access, security and compliance. Our solutions offer a clear structure and easy handling.

System analysis and evaluation

  • Company-specific diagnosis: Our experts carry out a comprehensive analysis of your company’s existing management systems. We take into account both organizational structures and technological infrastructures.
  • Benchmarking and best practices: By comparing ourselves with industry standards and leading companies, we identify both strengths and areas for improvement.
  • Reporting and recommendations: You receive a detailed report with clear recommendations for action to optimize your management systems.

Implementation of quality management systems

  • ISO conformity: Our experts ensure that your quality management system complies with the internationally recognized ISO 9001 standards.
  • Process optimization: Based on the system analysis, we implement efficient processes that ensure quality assurance and improvement.
  • Employee integration: The integration and training of your employees is crucial to the success of a QM system. We offer training and workshops to ensure acceptance and implementation.

Environmental and energy management systems

  • Ecological footprint measurement: We analyze your company’s current ecological footprint and identify areas with high savings potential.
  • Implementation of sustainable processes: This can range from the optimization of energy consumption to the introduction of renewable energies.
  • Compliance and certification: We help you to meet environmental standards and obtain the relevant certifications that demonstrate your commitment to sustainability.

Risk management

  • Risk assessment: Through detailed analyses, we identify potential risks in your company, from operational to strategic risks.
  • Risk mitigation strategies: For each identified risk, we develop customized mitigation strategies to reduce potential negative impacts.
  • Crisis management: In the event of an unexpected incident, we offer fast and effective solutions to minimize the damage and restore normal operations as quickly as possible.

Document management and archiving

  • Document lifecycle management: From creation and processing to archiving or destruction – we offer solutions for every step in the document lifecycle.
  • Access control and security: We use advanced security tools to ensure that only authorized persons can access certain documents.
  • Compliance: Our systems are regularly updated in order to comply with legal and industry-specific document requirements.


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