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  • Sustainable structures

    Master all challenges at any time using the structures we have introduced.

  • Optimized processes

    Your advantage: save costs, increase efficiency, boost competitiveness, and much more.

  • Benefit from opportunities

    Take advantage of the digital transformation, strategy adjustments due to external influences.

  • Utilize full competence

    Successfully solve all specific problems such as sustainability and information security.

Successfully establishing long-term and sustainable changes

We establish sustainable structures in your company that you can continue to use for your success even after the order has been completed.

Experts Institute – Partner for strategic excellence, performance improvement and digital transformation

At Experts Institute, we specialize in helping companies define and achieve their strategic goals, optimize performance and thrive in an increasingly digital business world. Our customized solutions help you to be successful and gain a competitive edge.

Why Experts Institute?

Our experts have many years of experience in the development and implementation of successful corporate strategies and digital transformation. We work closely with you to develop customized solutions that are tailored to your individual requirements.

Ready for strategic excellence, performance improvement and digital transformation?

Contact Experts Institute today to learn more about our Strategy & Performance, Value Chain Digitalization and Strategy: Positioning and Business Development services. Together we will shape your success in an increasingly digital business world.

Our services in the area of strategy & performance

  • Strategy development: We support you in developing a clear and targeted corporate strategy that reflects your vision and long-term goals.
  • Performance optimization: Our experts identify efficiency potential in your company and develop measures to improve performance.
  • Change management: We help you to successfully plan and implement change processes in order to realize your corporate strategy.
  • Strategic partnerships: We support you in identifying and shaping strategic partnerships to strengthen your growth and competitiveness.
  • Digitalization of the value chain: Our experts will introduce you to the digital transformation of your value chain in order to automate processes, increase efficiency and enhance customer value.
  • Strategy: Positioning and corporate development: We help you to strengthen your positioning in the market and put the development of your company on a sustainable and future-oriented footing.
  • Measurable results: We place great importance on measurable results and key performance indicators to continuously monitor the success of your strategy, performance and digitalization.

Strategy development

At Experts Institut, we understand the importance of a clear and focused business strategy. Our strategy development services include

  • Market analyses: We conduct comprehensive market analyses to identify opportunities and challenges and lay the foundation for your strategy.
  • Objectives: Together with you, we set clear objectives that reflect your vision and long-term corporate goals.
  • Strategic planning: We develop customized strategies that are tailored to your specific requirements and markets.
  • Implementation planning: We create detailed implementation plans to ensure that your strategy is implemented effectively.
  • Monitoring and adjustment: We continuously monitor progress and adjust the strategy as necessary to ensure you stay on track.

Our strategy development aims to give you a clear direction and ensure that you achieve your goals.

Performance optimization

Optimizing performance is crucial to gaining a competitive edge. At Experts Institut we offer solutions for performance optimization:

  • Process analysis: We analyze your business processes to identify efficiency potential and suggest improvements.
  • Key performance indicators (KPIs): We define measurable KPIs to monitor your company’s performance and measure success.
  • Optimization methods: We develop and implement optimization methods and tools to improve your processes.
  • Employee development: We support the development of your employees to increase their skills and performance.
  • Risk management: We help you to identify risks and develop strategies to minimize them.

Our performance optimization aims to increase your efficiency, reduce costs and ensure the success of your company.

Change management

Successfully planning and implementing change is crucial for the realization of your corporate strategy. At Experts Institut we offer change management services:

  • Change strategy: We develop a comprehensive change strategy that is tailored to your corporate goals and the needs of your employees.
  • Communication: We support you in communicating the changes and ensure that everyone involved is informed and committed.
  • Training: We provide training and training materials to ensure that your employees develop the necessary skills for the changes.
  • Feedback and adaptation: We collect feedback from employees and adapt the change strategy if necessary.
  • Measuring success: We define clear success criteria to ensure that the changes achieve the desired results.

Our change management supports you in successfully implementing changes and putting your strategy into practice.

Strategic partnerships

Our services in the area of strategic partnerships include

  • Partnership analysis: We conduct analyses to identify potential strategic partners that complement your goals and markets.
  • Negotiation and drafting: We support you in negotiations and the drafting of partnership agreements to ensure that your interests are protected.
  • Implementation: We help with the implementation of partnerships and ensure that the collaboration runs smoothly.
  • Performance evaluation: We monitor the performance of your strategic partnerships and adjust them if necessary.
  • Maximizing value: We work with you to maximize the value of your strategic partnerships and gain competitive advantage.

Our strategic partnership services are aimed at expanding your business opportunities and promoting your growth.

Digitalization of the value chain

In an increasingly digital business world, the digitalization of the value chain is crucial. At Experts Institut, we offer solutions for digitization:

  • Process automation: We identify manual processes and support you in automating them to increase efficiency and accuracy.
  • Data analysis: We help you collect and analyze data to make informed decisions and gain insights into your business.
  • Integration of technologies: We support you in integrating technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) into your value chain.
  • Customer interaction: We develop digital solutions to improve customer interaction and increase added value for your customers.
  • Security and data protection: We ensure that your digital value chain is secure and compliant with data protection regulations.

Our digitalization solutions aim to modernize your value chain and give you a competitive edge in the digital era.

Strategy: Positioning and corporate development

The right positioning and corporate development are crucial to success in a constantly changing market environment. At Experts Institut we offer support with positioning and company development:

  • Market positioning: We help you to strengthen your position in the market and identify your unique selling points.
  • Growth strategies: We develop growth strategies to open up new markets and increase your sales.
  • Innovation management: We support you in the development of innovation processes and cultures in order to remain competitive.
  • Long-term planning: We work with you on long-term plans and visions to shape the future of your company.
  • Sustainable development: We promote sustainable corporate development that minimizes environmental impact and promotes social responsibility.

Our positioning and corporate development services aim to put your company on a sustainable and future-oriented footing.


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