Social responsibility

of the Experts Institute.

We are very interested in working with people, which is why we are not only involved in social and societal issues internally for a strong community, but also try to have a positive social impact outside the Experts Institute.

We therefore support a large number of social and charitable projects!

These are among others:

  • Bamberger Tafel e.V.
  • Freiburg Christmas wish campaign
  • Freiburger Tafel e.V.
  • Friend instead of stranger Bamberg
  • Sterntaler Children’s and Youth Hospice Bamberg
  • Bright spot Neustadt
  • Tafel Neustadt-Hassloch

For us, that goes without saying:

In our consulting services, we bring these aspects of sustainability and social responsibility to the outside world in order to sensitize our customers to this crucial issue and develop individual sustainability strategies.

After all, a company’s economic success and reputation are inevitably linked to the social and ecological components of its business activities.

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