Experts Institute


Openness and honesty are important values practiced at Experts Institut and the motto:

“Achieving something together”

runs through our entire team.

Cultural and social factors as well as age, gender and role in the team are not decisive for the performance of activities in our company. On the contrary: we are proud of the versatility of our company. Together, we pull in the same direction, whereby everyone can realize themselves independently.

The health and motivation of all employees is the most important thing. From a company perspective, everything is being done to make everyday working life pleasant for everyone: Be it through the opportunities for mobile working, the creation of flexible working hours and the “moving break” to enable a high quality of life and work.

We also offer general and specific financial support for individual careers to those who want to take on new professional challenges and further their education.

We support courses of study and further training in order to equip ourselves as a team for future tasks and to divide responsibility as desired by the employees themselves. Of course, there are many challenges in and outside of our advisory work, so we strive to help all employees in these difficult situations at all times and provide the best possible support. Employees are always open to suggestions and proposals for improvement of any kind.

After all, the health and motivation of all employees is the most important thing, because together we are strong when we stand up for each other and are open to innovation. Regular business and social exchanges can take place at our locations and in projects as well as digitally.

We offer additional social benefits such as supplementary health insurance and a job bike.

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