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    Master all challenges at any time using the structures we have introduced.

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Successfully establishing long-term and sustainable changes

We establish sustainable structures in your company that you can continue to use for your success even after the order has been completed.

Experts Institute – For a more sustainable future

At Experts Institut, we are convinced that sustainability is not just a trend, but an obligation towards our environment and future generations. Our mission is to help companies and organizations establish sustainable practices and have a positive impact on the world.

Why Experts Institute?

Our experts have many years of experience in the field of sustainability and strive to develop innovative solutions that are tailored to the individual needs of your organization. We are convinced that sustainable management not only protects the environment, but also ensures long-term economic success.

Ready for a more sustainable future?

Contact us today to find out more about our sustainability solutions and how we can help you make a positive contribution to the environment. Together we are shaping a more sustainable future.

Our sustainability solutions at a glance

  • Sustainable corporate strategy: We help you to develop a sustainable corporate strategy that minimizes environmental impact and promotes social responsibility.
  • Environmentally friendly product development: With our expertise in sustainable product development, we help you to design environmentally friendly products and bring them to market.
  • Energy efficiency: We offer solutions to increase your company’s energy efficiency in order to reduce energy consumption and cut costs.
  • Waste and resource management: We support you in optimizing your waste management and promote the circular economy through resource optimization and recycling.
  • Sustainable supply chains: We help you to develop sustainable supply chains and build partnerships with environmentally conscious suppliers.

Sustainable corporate strategy

At Experts Institut, we are convinced that sustainability is the key to long-term success and responsibility towards our environment. Our services for the development of a sustainable corporate strategy include

  • Environmental assessment: We conduct comprehensive environmental assessments to understand your company’s impact on the environment and identify areas for improvement.
  • Goal setting and planning: We help you set sustainable goals and action plans that are integrated into your business strategy.
  • Regulatory compliance: Our experts support you in complying with all relevant environmental regulations and standards.
  • CSR strategy: We help you to develop a comprehensive corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy to integrate social responsibility and sustainability into your corporate culture.
  • Sustainability reporting: We support you in the preparation of sustainability reports to make your progress transparent and accessible to stakeholders.

Our sustainable business strategy is designed to ensure that your company adopts sustainable practices while promoting economic success.

Environmentally friendly product development

The development of environmentally friendly products is an important step towards greater sustainability. At Experts Institut, we offer comprehensive solutions for environmentally friendly product development:

  • Design for the environment: We integrate ecological aspects right from the product design phase in order to create environmentally friendly products.
  • Material selection: We help you select sustainable materials and suppliers to reduce the ecological footprint of your products.
  • Life cycle assessment: We carry out life cycle assessments to measure and minimize the resource consumption and environmental impact of your products.
  • Certifications: We support you in obtaining certifications and labels for environmentally friendly products.
  • Market launch: We help you to successfully launch your environmentally friendly products and communicate the added value to your customers.

Our environmentally friendly product development ensures that you can offer products that not only protect the environment, but also meet your customers’ requirements.

Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is a key aspect of sustainability and can have a significant impact on both the environment and operating costs. At Experts Institut, we offer comprehensive solutions for increasing energy efficiency:

  • Energy audit: We carry out detailed energy audits to analyze your company’s current energy consumption and identify potential savings.
  • Energy-saving measures: Based on the results of the energy audit, we develop customized energy-saving measures. These can include the use of energy-efficient technologies, the optimization of systems and processes and the implementation of energy-saving strategies.
  • Renewable energies: We support you in integrating renewable energy sources such as solar energy or wind power to reduce your CO2 footprint.
  • Energy management systems: We help you implement energy management systems that enable you to continuously monitor and optimize energy consumption.
  • Sustainable energy policy: We support you in developing and implementing a sustainable energy policy that contributes to the responsible use of energy.

Our energy efficiency solutions are designed to reduce both environmental impact and operating costs and put your business on a sustainable course.

Waste and resource management

The efficient management of waste and resources plays a key role in promoting sustainability. At Experts Institut, we offer comprehensive solutions for sustainable waste and resource management:

  • Waste analysis: We analyze your company’s waste stream to find out where waste can be avoided, reduced and better managed.
  • Recycling programs: We can help you implement effective recycling programs and establish partnerships with recycling companies.
  • Resource optimization: We support you in optimizing the use of resources such as water, energy and raw materials in order to minimize waste.
  • Circular economy: We promote the transition to a circular economy in which products and materials are reused, recycled and repurposed to reduce waste.
  • Waste prevention: We help you develop waste prevention strategies to minimize the amount of waste your company generates.

Our waste and resource management solutions are designed to reduce your environmental impact, cut costs and support the transition to a sustainable, resource-efficient future.

Sustainable supply chains

A sustainable supply chain is an important part of a company’s overall sustainability strategy. At Experts Institute, we offer solutions for developing and managing sustainable supply chains:

  • Supplier evaluation: We support you in evaluating your suppliers with regard to their sustainability practices and help you to select more environmentally friendly suppliers.
  • Supply chain optimization: We optimize your supply chain to ensure shorter transport routes, lower emissions and less resource consumption.
  • Sustainable procurement: We help you to integrate sustainable procurement guidelines and practices into your supply chain processes.
  • Transparency and compliance: We promote transparency in your supply chain and ensure that your suppliers comply with the applicable environmental and social standards.
  • Risk management: We support you in identifying and managing risks in your supply chain that could affect sustainability.

Our solutions for developing sustainable supply chains help to extend your company’s sustainability goals to a broader level while optimizing your supply chain processes.

Communication and transparency

At Experts Institut, we attach great importance to transparent and effective communication. We understand that clear communication between all project participants is crucial to the successful completion of projects. Here’s how we ensure communication runs smoothly throughout the project cycle:

  • Clear communication plans: We develop detailed communication plans that define who receives what information and when. This ensures that all relevant information is forwarded to the right people.
  • Regular updates: We keep you regularly informed about the progress of the project. This includes status reports, progress meetings and other forms of communication tailored to your needs.
  • Open communication: Our door is always open for your questions, concerns or suggestions. We encourage open communication and are ready to respond to your feedback.
  • Crisis communication: If unexpected problems or challenges arise, we will inform you immediately and present solutions. We are transparent when it comes to how we deal with difficulties.
  • Documentation: We document all relevant information to ensure that no important details are lost. This enables a traceable project history.

Our transparent communication ensures that you always have an overview of the project status and are able to make informed decisions. We are your reliable partner who keeps you continuously up to date.


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